Monday, December 6, 2010

Project Presentation: Mari-English Dictionary -

Time and Date: Friday, 21 January 2011, 4 PM
Place: Department of Finno-Ugric Studies,
University of Vienna, Campus AAKH (Spitalgasse 2-4), Courtyard 7
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The website represents an endeavor to make the Mari language, a Finno-Ugric minority language native to the Russian Federation, accessible to an international audience, and to provide native speakers of the language with much-needed resources.

By giving enthusiasts all over the world free and unlimited access to English-language materials needed to learn the language, the projects’ participants (at the University of Vienna and in the Russian Federation) hope to counteract the linguistic isolation of the Mari language, and hope to take a significant step in raising the language’s status, both among native speakers and abroad.

At the project presentation, we will illustrate what resources currently are available to Finno-Ugric minority languages and their speakers/students, what materials would be desired, and what steps we are currently taking to bridge this gap for this specific language.

The program consists of three small presentations on this subject matter, followed by a chance to discuss our approach and its applicability to other minority languages over a small buffet.

Admission is free. All are welcome.


Timothy Riese (University of Vienna)
Jeremy Bradley (University of Vienna)
Elina Guseva (Mari State University, Yoshkar-Ola)
Johanna Laakso (University of Vienna)

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